Creative Playscapes: Shade Structures


Spring and Summer are our most favorite times of the year. The birds head back from down south to fill the air with sweet songs and plants spring back to life covering the land with color. As the days get longer we need a place to relax, without wasting the beautiful weather by staying indoors. But, as we all know, the temptation of staying outside too long can end in a painful sunburn or even worse. As parents we have to pay attention to things like the UV index and how long our kids are playing outside. And for those parents brave enough, you may try getting your kids to wear sunscreen (Good Luck!). So what do we do, waste the day inside, or take the risk outside. Well, the answer is neither. Creative Playscapes LLC is designing and building some of the most versatile and effective Shade Structures on the market. There’s no need to fight tooth and nail trying to apply sunscreen to the kid who just won’t have it. So, next time you want to relax outdoors without the sun to worry about, find the nearest Shade Structure from Creative Playscapes, or perhaps order one of your own!


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